Huntleyas and Related Orchids

Huntleyas and Related Orchids

Revered by avid orchid collectors for its delightful, star-shaped flowers, Huntleya is a small group of orchids found low in the forest. Besides their striking colors – from deep blue to waxy red, royal purple to almost black – flowers of this group are known for their distinctive shapes, patterns, and textures. As appealing as these lovely tropical orchids are, their identification has been confused since the first species was described in the mid-1800s. Recent DNA studies have led to a clearer understanding of relationships and, as a result of this clarity, it is now possible to sort out the taxonomic problems and identify the characteristics that set species apart. In this first book devoted to the Huntleya alliance, author Patricia Harding presents evidence from the scientific literature, other growers, and her own experience that will enable orchidists everywhere to identify their plants and grow them successfully.

Copertina: rigida

Autore: Patricia A. Harding

Pagine: 260

Editore: Timber pres

Lingua: Inglese

ISBN-13: 9780881928846