Wild Orchids in Myanmar Vol 3: Shangri-La of Wild Orchids [Tanaka]

Wild Orchids in Myanmar Vol 3: Shangri-La of Wild Orchids [Tanaka]


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The third volume of a planned series of six, the present book focuses on the wide variety of orchid species to be found at high altitudes on and in the vicinity of Victoria Mountain, in the Chin State, close to Burma’s border with Bangladesh. While Dendrobium is perhaps the most frequently encountered family, a rich assortment of other species are illustrated and described, some of which still require further taxonometric research. Here, despite its extreme remoteness, road development and the encroachment of poachers is also beginning to take its toll on the rich diversity of orchids that occur naturally in this rugged terrain. Orchid lovers worldwide owe a dept of gratitude to Dr Tanakas continued efforts to record and protect these fragile beauties.


Copertina: rigida

Pagine: 108

Editore: Orchid Press

Lingua: Inglese & Giapponese

ISBN-13: 9789889776497

Link: bookdepository.com

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