Botanical Orchids – And how to grow them [Kramer]


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Concentrating on the botanical or species orchid as opposed to the hybrid orchid, the author sets out to explain its background in geographic and climatic terms as an introduction to a sensible approach to home cultivation. A section on the orchid and its structure is followed by a world-wide survey of the natural habitats of the different species.

A table giving the classification of orchids, their genera and their species or subtribes is included. Practical advice is given on the actual growing of orchids in the home of greenhouse environment.

The author also surveys in brief the illustration of orchids in books and prints over the century. The final and largest section fo the book is a gallery of different botanical orchids. These are shown in full colour photographs and are accompanied by a verbal description detailing their climactic constraints, their dimensions, a general description and handy hints relating to the popular orchid.


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